Many years ago, early in my career, while recruiting in Los Angeles, I learned a valuable lesson that if you retain your best and brightest, recruiting is never a problem.  To this day, no matter where you are or what business you are in, it’s still difficult to attract good talent.  Capability,  smart, creative, flexibly, innovative people want to be surrounded with people like themselves.  Conversely, poor performers find high performers a threat.  Suggestion:  find your poor performers a job with your competition.

Most employers think that money is the most important tool to attract talent.  WRONG. While it does help, managers, are the big attraction closely followed by enticing work and recognition.  I’ve hired thousands of people in my career for both large multi-national/fortune 200 companies and small start ups.  The receipt is the same.  To find out more about how I can make you an employer of choice, contact me at or call 443-956-0284.